The PartiRep Election Study - European, Federal and Regional 2014



"The PartiRep Election Study - European, Federal and Regional 2014" is an electoral panel survey that was in the field before and after the 2014 elections in Belgium. The survey was organized by the PartiRep consortium, and consisted of one pre-electoral wave and one post-electoral wave. The fieldwork was carried out by TNS-NID and was supervised by the consortium. The abstract below provides a short description of the sampling procedure and the fieldwork. For the full details on the survey procedure, please consult the technical note. Some first results of the voter survey were presented to the Belgian press in September 2014 in Dutch and in French. The full analyses by the network researchers were published in a book (De kiezer ontcijferd/Décrypter l'électeur) by Lannoo Campus. The book was presented to the press (in Dutch and French) one year after the elections in May 2015.

In wave one, a geographically stratified sample of eligible voters in Flanders and Wallonia was drawn from the national registry. The total number of addresses was 4511, spread out over 274 sampling points. No replacement addresses were used. The selected individuals were then asked to participate in a face-to-face CAPI interview that would last approximately 60 minutes. The expected net sample size for wave 1 was 2000 completed interviews. Fieldwork on wave 1 commenced on 20th March 2014 and ended on 17th May 2014. After fieldwork for wave 1 ended, 2019 completed interviews had been conducted out of 4511 addresses, a response rate of 45 per cent.

Those respondents that were successfully contacted in the first wave were asked to participate in a post-electoral survey conducted over the telephone (CATI interviews). All participants to wave 1 agreed to take part in wave 2. Of those 2019 contacts, 1532 were successfully contacted in wave 2, a response rate of 76 per cent. Fieldwork for wave 2 ran from 26th May until 1st July 2014.

The questionnaires for the two waves can be found here in Dutch and in French. A full codebook in English is available here.
The data of the PartiRep Election Study are available for all researchers who wish to use them. To receive the data one should fill in the draft contract (download here) and send two signed hard copies to the address mentioned at the top.