4th PartiRep Day

Before noon the meeting will be devoted to the Candidate Survey. Everybody interested in how that works and / or willing to  participate in the 2014 candidate survey is welcome.

Please register with <partirep@vub.ac.be> on Monday June 10 at the latest. A sandwich lunch will be provided.The meeting will be organized and chaired by Lieven De Winter. Items on the agenda are:

1. Comparative Candidate Survey: origins, structure, achievements, questionnaires
2. Belgian Candidate Survey 2007 and 2010
3. The 2014 Candidate Survey
3.1. Methodology and previous experiences (with presentation by Andreas Wüst)
3.2. The building blocks
3.3. Relations with other 2014 surveys (voter survey, candidate website project, VAA, ...)
3.4. Possible output: book project

In the afternoon (separate invitation has been sent) the promoters will discuss the structure and the available space for new questions of the voter survey. Input from each of the work packages will then be expected after the summer. Information on how we will proceed will be circulated soon after June 14.

Pleinlaan 5 Meeting room Rome (level -1)
1050 Brussels
14/06/2013 - 09:30
Bimonthly PartiRep meeting