7th PartiRep Day

The concept

This PARTIREP day is organized by MAST. The core goal is to enable Ph.D. researchers to get some ‘fresh views’ on their ongoing research by discussing extensively about their project with senior researchers who aren’t their Ph.D. supervisors. The day is organized in 3 steps:

1. In the morning plenary session, each Ph.D. researcher who wants to take part in the speed dating presents, in short, his/her state of progress, with a focus on his/her core choices so far in terms of research design, data and methods. The plenary format enables everyone (including the senior PARTIREP researchers who will also take part in the afternoon speed dating) to get a view on each individual project.

2. During the speed dating afternoon session, each Ph.D. researcher has the opportunity to meet face-to-face and informally with up to 4 senior PARTIREP researchers and principal investigators. This enables him/her to get some ‘fresh views’ on his/her project, in particular in terms of research design, data and methods.

3. Finally, during the concluding plenary, the whole group of participants (junior & senior), under the animation/moderation of Dimo Kavadias and Benoît Rihoux, takes stock of what was gained through the speed dates. Both juniors & seniors will have the word on “main lessons learned”.

Dimo Kavadias and Benoît Rihoux play the role of ‘matrimonial agency’ for the afternoon, i.e. they dispatch (by 10 November) the speed dates on the basis of the matrix of juniors and seniors participating, with a core priority laid on getting ‘different perspectives’ from seniors (seniors with different methodological profiles, in particular).

1 ECTS Credit is attached to this activity. Details on the venue, schedule, registration and a to-do list for participants can be found in the attached document. Registration is mandatory.

Place Montesquieu 1 Collège Jacques Leclercq
1348 Louvain-la-Neuve
14/11/2014 - 09:00
Bimonthly PartiRep meeting