PhD workshop with Prof. Dr. Shanto Iyengar on “Experimental Designs and its Practical Use for Political Science and Communication Research”

Organized by the Centre for Citizenship and Democracy, KU Leuven



The Workshop

Although experimental designs are a well-established research method in the field of Psychology, experiments are far less common in the fields of Political Science and Communication Research. One of the main advantages of adopting an experimental approach is that the causality of relations can be investigated. In this workshop Professor Shanto Iyengar, who has a unique experience in the design of experiments to explore how the media influence public opinion, will elaborate on its advantages for Political Science and Communication Research. For this he will use practical examples from his own work in order to provide a very ‘hands-on’ workshop. PhD students who plan to use an experimental research design are also encouraged to exchange ideas in this interactive workshop.

About Shanto Iyengar

Professor Shanto Iyengar has been awarded the highly prestigious International Francqui Professorship for 2013-14, at the invitation of the Center for Political Science of the University of Leuven, in cooperation with the University of Antwerp. Prof. Shanto Iyengar is a professor of Political Science and Communication at Stanford University (US). He has published very extensively on the role of mass media in democratic societies, public opinion, and political psychology. Among his most important and influential books are: News That Matters (University of Chicago Press, 1987), Is Anyone Responsible? (University of Chicago Press, 1991), Explorations in Political Psychology (Duke University Press, 1995), Going Negative (Free Press, 1995), and Media Politics: A Citizen’s Guide (Norton, 2011). Iyengar is one of the most-cited authors in both political science and communication research. He is currently the editor of Political Communication.

How to participate

Participation is free, but is limited to a select group of approx. 15 to 20 PhD students in order to enhance possibilities for interaction and discussion. If you want to attend this workshop, please send your application to This application should include your name, research group, university, PhD topic and a brief cover letter (max. 1 page). The deadline for participation is April 1, 2014. Participants will receive confirmation of their participation the latest at April 8, 2014.

Meeting Room Political Sciences SW 03.155
Parkstraat 45
3000 Leuven
23/04/2014 - 14:00 to 17:00
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