Soetkin Verhaegen

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Soetkin Verhaegen joined the Centre for Citizenship and Democracy at the University of Leuven as a PhD fellow in September 2011. She holds a Master in EU Studies of Ghent University. Her PhD research is focused on European identity and European citizenship among adolescents and their parents. It is important for a democracy to consist of citizens who are informed about and feel attached to the political entity they belong to as this is believed to contribute to the perceived legitimacy of the political system. The field of action of the European Union is increasing, but is the attachment to the EU of its citizens increasing as well? The PhD research studies which factors influence the development of a European identity, how citizens perceive the concept of European citizenship, whether this is different for young people and their parents and whether there is an intergenerational transmission of European identity. Research interests: European identity, European citizenship, intergenerational transmission, socialization, perceived legitimacy.
PhD Candidate
KU Leuven