Archive WP4: Protest and Transitory Engagements

People increasingly flow in and out of protest events, protest cycles, and social movements. Protesters’ commitment is not enduring or constant but wavering and conditional. Depending on the specific context in terms of issue, emotional charging, stage in the protest cycle, mobilizing networks, media attention, political configuration, etc. people decide to engage in protest or not. Protesters seem to be less than before mobilized via enduring and formal networks. These are being replaced by open and more ephemeral mobilization patterns. The transitory character of these protest mobilizations challenges the common idea that, to be influential, popular preferences must be conveyed to political elites in a structured, durable, and organized manner. In a nutshell: what do transitory protest events imply for citizenship, for the social movements, and for political elites? To tackle these questions we mainly rely on large-scale protest-surveys.