Archive WP5: Party Members and Representation in Multi-layered Systems

Parties are the classical vectors of political representation. To what extent are they evolving in the light of shifts of power downwards - regionalization - and upwards - Europeanization and internationalization - and of substantial transformations linked to the introduction and exploitation of new communication media? Our approach will be centred on two levels of political parties: their leadership and their members. The relation of these two strata to the aforementioned problems will be considered from a double perspective: the dependence or independence of each of the variables with respect to the action and the motivation of joining and being activist from the point of view of the members and in exercising and developing different forms of leadership from the point of view of the leaders at each level of power.

This workpackage is linked to the working group on ‘Members and Activists of Political Parties’ (MAPP). This working group is part of the Committee on Political Sociology (CPS), leading international research group sponsored by the International Sociological Association (ISA) and the International Political Science Association (IPSA). The working group has a research portal containing information on activities and publications of the working group, as well as databases on party membership.