Working Paper
Parental Influence on Adolescents’ Political Participation. A Comparison of Belgian, Canadian and Romanian Survey Data.

The intergenerational transmission of political attitudes and behaviors is thought to be one of the main forms of political socialization. The political interest of children and adolescents largely mirrors the interest patterns and ideological preferences of their parents. In this article we investigate the causal mechanism involved by relying on the results of the Comparative Youth Survey which was conducted in Belgium, Canada and Romania. Our results suggest that the discussion and the interaction within the family have a strong effect on adolescents’ participation patterns. Families with a higher socio-economic status are also more effective in transmitting their attitudinal and behavioral patterns toward the next generation. We also find more conclusive evidence for intergenerational transmission in stable democracies like Belgium or Canada, than in a newly emerging democracy like Romania.

Hooghe Marc, Ellen Quintelier, Gabriel Badescu
political participation
political socialization